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"For 30 years we have dedicated ourselves to marrying the artistry of finely crafted wood with the science of producing resilient, naturally comfortable and – equally important – comforting floors."


Lauzon takes pride in the green practices used in making sure their product uses sustainable forest management. 

  Ashawa Bay








A premium product made in the USA that shows all the excellence that a hardwood floor can be. Not only is Ashawa Bay is a percision mill with the average board length being 5ft. and longer. 75 years of experience and deditcation ensures our customers distinction in flooring.  Ashawa Bay engineered floors can be reworked where others cannot. Ashawa Bay allows sanding to be done 4-5 times unlike other engineered floors where refinishing and sanding can only be done once or twice before ruining the hardwood. Ashawa Bay is the ultimate choice in hardwood flooring. This is the finest engineered product on the market today. All products come unfinished so a customized color can be achieved on your  floor.

Maine Traditions


Pre-finished solid engineered, harvested, and manufactured in the USA. Choose from their different collections:


Rangeley: Solid Red Oak Flooring producing using century-old inspired techniques.


Classic: Designed with its naming right in mind. Choose from six native species of hardwood with a medium-low gloss finish often seen in classic hardwood flooring


Acadia: Matte finishes bring luxury to a hardwood’s appearance.


Katandin: Engineered for long term stability.


Muscanell Mill

Our exclusive mill hardwood. Completely USA made. Everything from beginning to end is carefully crafted. Moisture content is monitered to leave the Colorado mill at a low of  5-7%, which is important for quicker installation and longegivty of the hardwood. Even the packaging for shippments is up to par with the quality that is expected from Muscanell Mill. Average board length is 5-6 feet with boards as long as 10 feet. Available in 4” 5” 6” 7” widths. Oak, White Oak quarter sawn and cathedral, Hickory, American Cherry and American Walnut Muscanell milling well exceeds industry standards. Our end joints are square, no matter the width, and does not have over lapping from board to board.  Quality counts with Muscanell Mill, the best choice in solid hardwood flooring. 


Master Artisan

Coming out of their Chicago warehouse, Master Artisan is a new company making a name in the industry for their customer service and quality. Master Artisan, like our other providers, prides themselves in their environmental practices. High quality with a vast array of options can be found with Master Artisan. Exotics and Hickory solid hardwoods are Master Artisan’s specialities offering a 25 year residential warranty. 

LW Mountain

Selection and competitive prices has been LW Mountain’s strong suit over 15 years. LW Mountain has a vast selection of hardwood flooring. Whether you're looking for a smooth, handscraped, brushed, engineered or natural hardwood flooring, LW Mountain has you covered. Along with hardwood styles there are different types of board widths ranging from 3 ½” to 5”. Species of wood is not lost on LW Mountain with exotic, oak, maple, cherry, acacia, teak, elm, birch, hickory and walnut options available. “The availability you depend on. The experience you deserve.”



Hallmark Luxury Vinyl

 We offer Hallmark’s exceptional luxury vinyl. Hallmark vinyl flooring is appreciated by its customers for mimicking beautiful hardwood while being easy to maintain. Hallmark Luxury Vinyl is a great option for the prone to moisture areas of your home like bathrooms, mud rooms, utility rooms, even the heavily traffic kitchen. Hallmark is a smart option when furnishing these areas and other parts of the home for the durability, attractiveness, and low maintenance Hallmark luxury vinyl provides.


Fluent Floors

Offering well designed engineered hardwood and vinyl flooring, Fluent Floors provides the replicated beauty of solid hardwood with an affordable price. Stability is in the engineered cross-ply technique used by Fluent Floors. 


They put in the time to figure out what widths and lengths of boards look best on any given engineered product they construct.


Fluent Floors’ vinyl flooring takes inspiration from nature giving their vinyl flooring an exquisite representation of natural hardwoods with the durability expected from a vinyl floor. Kitchens, baths, mud rooms, are exceptionally well received in vinyl flooring stability. Although perfect for those areas previously mentioned, vinyl flooring works wonderfully in any part of your home.


 “Satisfying Simple. Bringing you the most popular products at the best prices.” 




Innovation in design is Armstong’s main game. They strive to bring character to any living place. In the last year Armsrong has laid claim to over 5 design awards putting them a step ahead of the rest when it comes to making the perfect space for you. And this design integrity shines in Armstrong’s flooring products with options of engineered and pre-finsihed solid hardwoods. Available in strip (less than 3”), plank (3-4 ¾“) and wide plank (5” and up) along with different hardwood options (oak, hickory, maple, cherry, pecan, ash, birch, exotic, and walnut) allowing for many design options to make your space look great.


“Rest Easy, Armstong has you covered.” 


Timber River

We offer Timer River hardwood flooring that is manufactured specifically for the Barh Company. Unique Solid engineered hand-scraped and smooth pre-finishes are available with Timber River. “Choose Timber River When everything else looks the same, when quality and style matter the most, when style sets you apart from all the others.” Timber River’s Birch, oak, hickory and walnut, pre-finished hardwoods look amazing in any space.



Johnson Hardwood

Premium engineered hardwood flooring and Johnson Hardwood goes hand-in-hand. They take the time to carefully hand craft and stain each flooring plank individually after coming out of their precision mill, while searching the globe for the most durable species of wood. Johnson Hardwood is counted on for their high-quality yet affordable hardwoods. "Johnson Hardwood adheres to anti-dumping and sustainable tree harvesting practices with a commitment to preserving forest ecosystems.” Johnson Hardwood specializes in wide plank engineered flooring, although wide plank (7’)  looks good in many areas, an expansive room with wide plank flooring brings any place together in style. 


Higuera Hardwood

Exceeding in beauty and quality of bamboo flooring is Higuera Hardwood. With options like: Strand woven, solid, engineered, hand-scraped and wide plank available you can’t go wrong when it comes to designing your space. Not only is Hiquera Hardwood bamboo flooring known for their natural elegance, durabilty, and longevity but it also goes down in history as a highly sustainable resource.


Remodeling a kitchen? Bamboo flooring from Higuera Hardwood is a great option due to bamboo being able to resist water damage, stains, and warping better than other hardwood species while being easy to maintain. It’s the only bamboo flooring that is double kiln dried to ensure that you have no moisture problems. Hiquera is the only manufacturer doing this with bamboo flooring.


The best in bamboo! 


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